3 facts and 3 good news from the “what is the colour of this dress” buzz

FACT1: What you see… is what you see: your brain plays all kinds of tricks, which makes you create your own version of reality. This is not exceptional, it is just the way your brain functions.

FACT2: What you see… is what you think you see: you are influenced by your thoughts or by what others tell you and this makes you see or remember things that either don’t exist or are very different from what you saw or experimented.

FACT3: What you see… is what you do: athletes use visualization exercises in order to optimize their physical performance. Scientists have shown that when athletes are in their “element”, they experiment reality in a very different way: tennis players see the ball bigger and slower and the net lower than it actually is.

And this makes the difference between winning the match or losing it.

And now, the good news:

You can learn to center yourself and be in a mindset that will make you less likely to fall in visual traps and ensure that you focus on what is really relevant for you.

You can influence your brain by your thoughts, and create new patterns for success. For example, you can change the way you think about yourself, your job, and put yourself in a positive and winning mood before an important meeting.

You can use the athletes’ tactics and transpose them to your everyday performance needs and goals, whether it be for a presentation or a meeting, or more generally, in order to install a more successful mindset and attitude.

How can you learn this? Who teaches these skills?

Come and find out by joining the complimentary Curiosity Workshop and Cocktail on 24 March at 18:00 at a secret location near Flagey Square at 1050 Brussels. You can register by sending an email to Catherine@geckostrategies.com  


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