Gecko Strategies is now on line!

My name is Catherine Piana and I am the founder and CEO of Gecko Strategies. This activity is the result of years of professional experience in lobbying, and my passion for the functioning of human beings, individually and in groups.  This passion has led me to follow a course of NLP (I am a certified Master Practicioner in neurolinguistic programming).

I also have a strong need to share and pass on my discoveries on how we can unlock our potential, so I also became a certified trainer.  Meanwhile, I discovered that I loved helping people to find the keys to their own potential, and followed a Life Coach course.

To sum it all up, Gecko Strategies offers consulting, training and coaching (life and executive) services to people and organisations.

This is an activity that I have developed on the side of my job as a Director General of the European Vending Association, a very successful and active European Trade Association, which I joined in 1997.  At the EVA I learned to run teams from different nationalities, background, and business environments and I what I like most is finding what they have in common so that they can move forward together towards the same goal.  And after 15 years, I still enjoy it and learn new things every day about people, businesses and organisations.

To make sure my motivation and creativity are intact, I need to diversify, and this is why I started my own business, Gecko Strategies.  The Gecko is a metaphor for the ability to adapt to your environment, amongst the many resources of the small lizard, whislt maintaining a strong identity.

There will be more on this blog in the near future so watch this space.  Thank you for taking the time to drop by and read my first blogpost.  Feel free to ask questions and post comments or articles.